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Customer Centricity

Consultancy and Advice

  • Strategic Roadmap Development

  • Workshop Design and Materials

  • Accrediting Internal MRI Experts

MRI Implementation and Reporting

  • Benchmarks, Targets and Action Plan Guides

  • Action Planning and Review Workshops

Customer Centric Leadership

  • Identification and Interviews with Customer Centric Leaders

  • Customer Centric Leader Best Practices

Customer Centric Skills Workshops

  • Customer Centric Strategic Marketing e.g. Product Management

  • Support Function Skill + Mindset Development e.g. Finance / IT

What is Costumer-Centric Culture?

A customer-centric culture is founded on the belief that “ what’s best for the customer is best for the business.” The customer is at the heart of all decisions in all parts of the business and people behave accordingly. This is enacted by saying: “How will this decision affect the customer? How will it benefit the customer?” When all your team has this mindset and have developed these habitual behaviors and associated skills your organization will reflect a strong customer-centric culture.

Capability to understand, predict and respond to customer, market and competitor dynamics.

Transcend individual departments and functions and be an integral part of the way all employees behave and perform.

Based on a mindset:

What you can expect?

Through lectures, interactive case examples, and team project work, you will learn how to align leadership, culture and processes to attain customer-centricity. Case studies feature real-world examples of the experiences of other businesses and teams that have taken the customer-centric path. Designed for leaders and their teams, this program provides you with the necessary tools, frameworks and a roadmap to implement customer-centric change throughout your organization.

What´s best for the customer is best for the business

This intensive, highly focused program presents the vision, strategy, and leadership imperatives for developing and leading a customer-centered organization. By exploring such topics as what defines a customer-centric organization; how customer centricity varies in different organizational and industry environments; and leading a customer-centric organization, you will gain critical insights into the steps required to align your organization around your customers' needs. As a result, you and your team will be better prepared to:

  • Develop a blueprint for a customer-centred organization

  • Foster a culture of customer centricity within your organization

  • Leverage employees, control systems, and operational strategies

  • Disseminate and utilize customer and competitive information effectively

  • Enhance cross-function collaboration by nurturing organization-wide initiatives

  • Lead your organization through the change process required to attain customer centricity

This assessment serves as a catalyst for change. It provides the leadership with an unbiased third party diagnostic based on 30 years of research.

The Market Responsiveness Index Benchmark (MRI) Service


The MRI is a web-based employee survey, requiring 15-20 minutes to complete, that benchmarks employee behaviors within your business. The behaviors measured have been verified in more than 100 peer-reviewed studies to be elements of a customer-focused culture and to drive business performance. Your company’s performance on the MRI is highly correlated with its future business performance.


Immediately after the MRI, we build together a  RoadMap to success and deliver the following services

These are the behaviours that drive future profit and growth for organisations.

These are the behaviours that drive future profit and growth for organisations.

                                                   Road Map


SP&E became an Accredited Partner of the global Leader Consulting firm  in Customer Culture Transformation & Assessments.


The Customer Culture Imperative

MarketCulture, The Founders and owners; Dr. Linden Brown and Chris Brown,  are also the authors of the Book “The Customer Culture Imperative” which won Marketing Book of the Year 2015.

For the first time, this groundbreaking guide unlocks the secrets used by Amazon, Virgin, Apple, Starbucks and It creates a guide for success based on 3 years of scientific study drawing insights from more than 100 businesses to identify seven key factors.

People Solutions

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Performance Management

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  • Cultural Matching

  • Customer Orientation

  • Engagement & Coordination with Law Firms and & Accounting

  • Engagement & Coordination of Providers

  • Organizational Design

  • Assessment of Key Players

  • Integration Plan

We count with a vast experience implementing and negotiating deals from the People Component, at the specific need of our clients, we will be utilizing tools from our partners:


Coaching & Mentoring

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  • Executive Coaching

  • Career Planning

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  • Individual Assessments

  • Outplacement


Engagement & Culture Assessment

  • A variety of Survey Models to select or a fully customized tool

  • Best in class companies Benchmark

  • Fully On line and REAL TIME

  • Totally customized Reporting

    • Data Mining Tool

    • An innovative way to look at the POSITIVE side of Engagement

    • Action Planning tool; standardized Reporting based on the desire of our clients

    • Multi Country Implementation. 

Resources for Human Capital Leaders

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