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We help leaders align their business culture with their market through an integrated process of culture assessment, leadership training, customer centric skills training and strategic planning.

We are the developers of the award winning Market Responsiveness IndexTM Benchmark tool, which enables executives to understand their level of customer and market centricity across the entire business.

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The Humantelligence suite provides innovative cloud-based SaaS solutions that solve today’s top workforce challenges and is re-defining the true meaning of HCM into a broader understanding of ERM (Employee Relationship Management).    HT solutions leverage behavioral science to improve key human capital and talent management areas like chemistry, hiring, culture alignment, and engagement across an entire workforce, while also measuring and driving key strategic actions that deliver measurable results.

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Having extensive and intense corporate careers -as credible influencers at the Senior Executive level-, was the first step of our journeys.  Becoming successful entrepreneurs as Human Capital consultants came next.  At this point, we recognize it makes sense to leverage the camaraderie and support provided by likeminded individuals.  As a result, in addition to maintaining our own practices, we have formed ”Strategic Human Capital Consortium”.


Governance and Investment Solutions (GIS)

ACAD/Board solutions

ACAD / BOARD SOLUTIONS is the leading Firm of Specialized Consultants in:

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ACAD / BOARD SOLUTIONS. Brings together professionals with vast experience, registering a significant number of success stories in national and international private institutions and corporations of various sectors and sizes, including the Public Sector, SMEs, Family Companies and various public companies that are listed on the Mexican and US Stock Market Exchange. 

PERSONALIZED TOUCH. Senior Partners and Managers with great experience and professional skills with a high educational leverage recognized locally and internationally.

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HR version of “open source” replaces software code bases with case studies submitted by HR practitioners breaking down how they designed, developed, implemented, and measured specific HR initiatives. These case studies would be peer-reviewed for quality, and then tagged and indexed to make them easy for global HR practitioners around the world to view for education and inspiration. 

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